Does Not Come Cheap Mean?

What expression can you use instead of not at all?

What is another word for not at all?don’t mention itforget itit’s nothingno problemthat’s all rightthat’s OKthink nothing of ityou’re welcomeno worriesmy pleasure17 more rows.

Is Cheaping a word?

(obsolete) Bargaining, haggling.

What does not in the least mean?

: not at all : not in any way or respect It did not interest me in the least. That joke was not in the least funny. I’m not the least worried.

Do you mind if I ask?

This is a way to carefully ask a question that you’re worried might be rude, but that you want to know anyway. For example, if you’re visiting someone’s nice apartment and you want to know if you could afford a similar one, you can ask: This is a really nice place.

What can I use instead of last but not least?

last but not least / synonymsfinally yet importantly.just as importantly.last but conclusion.finally and above all.last but important.finally. adv.More items…

Why do we say last but not least?

You use last but not least to say that the last person or thing to be mentioned is as important as all the others.

How do you reply to not at all?

“Not at all” is quite a respectable and polite answer, as are “My pleasure”, “It was nothing”, and “Don’t mention it”. Of course, “You’re welcome” is the standard reply, and being standard, it’s not jarring. I don’t mind “No problem” or “No worries”, but you’ll never go wrong with “You’re welcome”.

How do you say cheap nicely? items…

What is the opposite of being cheap?

Antonyms for cheap include expensive, costly, dear, highly priced, high-priced, exorbitant, pricey, extortionate, extravagant and steep.

What is the synonym of cheap?

In this page you can discover 111 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cheap, like: shoddy, inexpensive, budget, inferior, competitive, tawdry, miserly, dirt-cheap, , low-priced and rock bottom.

What does no not at all mean?

Thanks for helping”Thanks for helping.” “Not at all.” B2. used to say “no” or “not” strongly: “I hope it wasn’t too much hassle for you.” “No, not at all.”