Question: How Do I Get A Gearwrench Replaced?

Where can I get my Gearwrench replaced?

List of Big Name Gearwrench Distributors:Fastenal (People have the best luck at Fastenal locations for warranty)Home Depot.Lowes.Sears.NAPA Auto Parts.HD Supply White Cap.Grainger.Applied Industrial Technologies.More items….

Are Gearwrench Tools Made in USA?

This list includes the well-known GearWrench brand, as well as Kobalt and Delta Power Equipment (which is headquartered in the USA but made in Taiwan). … Some of the tools available through NAPA are made in Taiwan as well as tools from Blue Point, Genius, and more.

Who bought Gearwrench?

Bain CapitalApex is headquartered in Sparks, Maryland, and has over 20 factories globally including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, China, and South America….Apex Tool Group.TypeLimited Liability CompanyProductsHand tools and power toolsRevenue$1.6BOwnerBain CapitalNumber of employees8,0005 more rows

Who makes the best Ratchet?

Our Top PicksTop Pick. DEWALT 3/8-Inch Quick-Release Ratchet. Photo: … Best Value. ARES 3/8-Inch Drive 90-Tooth Ratchet. Photo: … Most Versatile. Neiko 3/8-Inch Drive Extendable Ratchet. … Heavy-Duty Pick. ARES 1/2-Inch Drive 90-Tooth Ratchet. … Honorable Mention. ACDelco 12V 3/8-Inch Cordless Ratchet.

Are Tekton tools good?

Tekton is meant to be affordable yet durable, and they meet both of these goals very well. The company’s tools are highly rated from their impact socket sets to their drive click torque wrench. … Quality is high for all tools, even the ones that are priced well below the cost of competing tools.

Does Home Depot warranty Gearwrench?

GEARWRENCH – Lifetime Warranty – The Home Depot.

Is Gearwrench made in China?

Re: Gearwrench China QC??? They’re quality wrenches made by Kabo in Taiwan. If you want the best bang for your buck, get the Tekton, Taiwan made full polished wrench sets.

Is Matco rebranded Gearwrench?

Re: Are Matco wrenches rebranded gearwrench? Thanks for the clarification and yes they are the same ratcheting design but not the same wrench. Armys were a bit beefier and wider where you put pressure. At least that was the main difference with the combination ratcheting wrenches.

Is Tekton better than Gearwrench?

When it comes to which one is better between Gearwrench vs. Tekton, it will depend on the tool you want to buy. Both of the two brands are well known for their incredible performance and high quality. … However, Tekton has more ratchet and socket sets while Gearwrench has more of wrenches.

Are maximum tools lifetime warranty?

Well TIL that the company who manufactures MasterCraft and MAXIMUM tool brands has changed their return policy and warranty. Most of their tool line is now only covered by a One(1) year limited warranty. Even if the tool was bought prior to the change of policy they will not honour the lifetime warranty.

Where can you return Craftsman tools for warranty?

But the bottom line is if your tool breaks, you may want to call Craftsman customer service first at 888-331-4569, if you don’t have a Sears nearby, because you may not always be able to get a replacement at Lowe’s.

Does Gearwrench have a lifetime warranty?

We offer a limited warranty on all GEARWRENCH® products and warrant to the original purchaser that covered GEARWRENCH ® products are free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase and for the period noted below (“Limited Warranty”).

Is Gearwrench made by Snap on?

Gearwrench tools which are subsidiary of a much larger tool brand (Apex Tools) are not made by Snap-On nor affiliated with Snap-On in 2019. Snap On Tools are a completely different tool brand that owns many subsidiary brands as well (Bluepoint, CDI torque, and Bahco to name a few).

Are Snap On Tools Made in USA?

Only certain Snap-On tools are still made in the USA. Most hand tools are still made in their facilities in Milwaukee and other U.S. manufacturing locations, but products like their cordless power drill kit are made in China, among other countries. More details below.

What tools should I not buy at Harbor Freight?

Follow along with this list to get the most out of your own Harbor Freight Tools shopping spree…Reciprocating Saws | DO. … Saw Blades | DON’T. … Magnetic Wall Hangers | DO. … Tool Boxes | DON’T. … Tool Carts |DO. … Welders | DON’T. … Ratcheting Wrenches |DO. … Mechanic’s Tool Sets | DON’T.More items…•

What is Gearwrench 120xp?

The GEARWRENCH 120XP™ ratchets take access and speed to the next level, making it easier and quicker to complete jobs. … All of the ratchets feature a low profile head and flush mounted on/off switch, allowing better access in tight spaces.

Is Gearwrench good quality?

Gearwrench makes good stuff. Several of my buddies who are techs by trade have been buying that a lot more lately because the quality for the price is outstanding. As much as I personally don’t care for their parent company Apex Tool Group, the GearWrench products I do own have been perfectly fine.

What are the best quality tools?

Best Hand Tool BrandSnap-On (17%)Craftsman (13%)Milwaukee (7%)Mac Tools (6%)Klein Tools (6%)Stanley (6%)

Is Gearwrench better than craftsman?

A relatively common perception among DIY’ers everywhere is that – generally speaking – Gearwrench products tend to be a bit better quality than Craftsman. This includes product function/performance/durability, as well as looks/finish. … In our experience, Gearwrench ratchets are better than Craftsman.

Are SK Tools lifetime warranty?

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY SK® products are warranted under normal use and service against defects in materials and workmanship for the expected life of the tool, except as otherwise specified.

Is Williams and snap on the same?

While Williams and Bahco tools were previously advertised as Snap-on Williams and Snap-on Bahco by many retailers and distributors, the official name change means that such branding has become even more widespread.