Question: How Do You Use Extravagant In A Sentence?

Is Extravagant a compliment?

going beyond what is deserved or justifiable: extravagant praise..

How do you use the word extravagance in a sentence?

Examples of extravagance in a Sentence That coat is an extravagance that you can’t afford. Going to the play will be our one extravagance for this vacation. I was shocked by the extravagance of their lifestyle. The church is known for the extravagance of its architecture.

What is usurped power?

Usurped Power — a phrase common in insurance policies since the 18th century—and still found in standard war exclusions—that refers to an organized military operation, either foreign or domestic, that seizes the powers legally conferred upon a government.

What is another word for usually?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for usually, like: often, unusually, normally, exceptionally, generally, ordinarily, regularly, commonly, consistently, frequently and typically.

What is an extravagant person?

1. adjective. Someone who is extravagant spends more money than they can afford or uses more of something than is reasonable. We are not extravagant; restaurant meals are a luxury and designer clothes are out.

Can you usurp someone?

A usurper is someone who wrongfully takes someone else’s place. … A king who is overthrown would consider the new king a usurper. Usurper is a strong word for someone who has taken or usurped what rightfully belonged to someone else.

What is usually in grammar?

from English Grammar Today. The adverb usually refers to what typically or normally happens. We use it mostly in mid position, between the subject and the main verb, or after the modal verb or first auxiliary verb, or after be as a main verb: Children usually enjoy visits to the zoo.

What is the opposite of extravagant?

extravagance(noun) Antonyms: frugality, moderation, economize.

What’s another word for extravagant?

Some common synonyms of extravagant are excessive, exorbitant, extreme, immoderate, and inordinate.

Is usurpation a word?

Usurpation means taking someone’s power or property by force. Locking the teacher outside of the classroom and taking charge of math class is a form of usurpation. … When Shakespeare’s Macbeth kills King Duncan and replaces him by usurping the throne, that is an act of usurpation.

Which tense is used with usually?

Adverbs commonly used with the simple present tense are: always, usually, often, sometimes, occasionally, rarely and never.

What is the opposite meaning of extravagant?

Opposite of lacking restraint in spending money or using resources. thrifty. economical. frugal. modest.

What is an extravagant lifestyle?

Someone who is extravagant spends more money than they can afford or uses more of something than is reasonable.

What is extravagant dress?

adj. 1 spending money excessively or immoderately. 2 going beyond usual bounds; unrestrained. extravagant praise. 3 ostentatious; showy.

How do you use usually in a sentence?

Usually sentence examplesHis usually calm face showed excitement. … I’m usually quite tired the next day. … Generally speaking, if something sounded too good to be true, it usually was. … In my dreams I’m usually in trouble. … You usually lie like a bragging fisherman, so I stopped asking. … They don’t usually do that.More items…

What does usurped mean?

1a : to seize and hold (office, place, functions, powers, etc.) in possession by force or without right usurp a throne. b : to take or make use of without right usurped the rights to her life story.

What is your greatest extravagance meaning?

something expensive that you buy even though you do not need it: Perfume is my greatest extravagance.