Quick Answer: How Does The Lady Of Shalott Spend Her Time?

Why is The Lady of Shalott cursed?

Lady of Shalott.” Stanzas five to eight describe the lady’s life.

She suffers from a mysterious curse and must continually weave images on her loom without ever looking directly out at the world.

Instead, she looks into a mirror, which reflects the busy road and the people of Camelot who pass by her island..

What did Sir Lancelot say when he saw the Lady of Shalott?

Just so, what did Sir Lancelot say when he saw the Lady of Shalott? But Lancelot mused a little space; He said, “She has a lovely face; God in his mercy lend her grace, The Lady of Shalott.”

What is the Lady of Shalott forbidden to do?

According to Tennyson’s version of the legend, the Lady of Shalott was forbidden to look directly at reality or the outside world; instead she was doomed to view the world through a mirror, and weave what she saw into tapestry.

What does the Lady of Shalott do when Lancelot comes by the castle?

When the Lady of Shalott sees Lancelot in the mirror in her castle room, she leaves her weaving and looks out the window, even though it is forbidden by a curse. She gazes at him, riding on his horse and wearing a helmet and a plume.

What does the Lady of Shalott do all day?

The lady spends her time weaving a tapestry. She cannot look directly out the window, so instead she looks at the reflection of the items outside in a mirror. Eventually she sees Sir Lancelot, and falls in love with him, but he does not know who she is.

What is the message of the Lady of Shalott?

The Lady is isolated in a tower and subject to a curse that tells her she cannot look at Camelot except in her mirror. The essential idea is that she is restricted, unable to pursue something that she wants. The price of looking out the window at Camelot, as the Lady finds out, is death.

What will happen to the Lady of Shalott if she performs the action which has been forbidden to her?

In Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shalott,” the “fairy Lady” lives on the island of Shalott and is under a curse. The curse will be activated only if she pauses from her weaving to look out her window toward Camelot, so she weaves steadily night and day. … She dies as she floats in a boat down to Camelot.

Who was the only person who knew about the Lady of Shalott living in the tower?

Alfred TennysonAnswer. Explanation: Alfred Tennyson is the only person who know about the lady of shallot.

What does the lady spend her time doing Why?

A: What does the lady spend her time doing? Why? She stays up in the tower with the mirror and weaving what she sees because she can’t look down towards Camelot. 2.

How does the Lady of Shalott die?

Part 4: Knowing that it’s game over, the Lady finds a boat by the side of the river and writes her name on it. After looking at Camelot for a while she lies down in the boat and lets it slip downstream. She drifts down the river, singing her final song, and dies before she gets to Camelot.

Why did the Lady of Shalott die?

Lancelot is en-route to Camelot and the Lady of Shalott needs must, it seems, desire to follow after him. … The curse is invoked, her death ensues as she sings “her last song”, and she floats dead into Camelot where all the knights “cross’d themselves for fear.” So, what exactly has happened here?

What does the Lady of Shalott do after looking outside?

In Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem, the Lady of Shallot is under a curse if she stops weaving and looks outside the walls of her tower. … So far in her life she “delights” to see what passes by and weaves those images into her work.

How does the curse affect the Lady of Shalott?

Because she cannot stop to look out her window, she keeps a mirror that reflects what is happening outside; this way, she can look at her mirror—without ceasing her work—to see what’s going on. … As a result of the curse, the Lady is allowed to see the outside world only as a reflection in a mirror.

What does the Lady of Shalott see in her mirror?

What does the Lady see in the mirror? She sees all of the community and the entire world through her mirror. She sees damsels, abbots, shepherd boys, pages, and knights. … The situation is ironic because the Lady risked all of her life’s work and her life itself for Lancelot, a man that she does not even know.