Quick Answer: What Does Gushy Mean?

How it gushes and struggles out meaning?

Answer: Gush means flow out of something in a rapid and plentiful stream.

Example.” water gushed out of the washing machine” Struggle out means make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction..

What does it mean to feel gushy?

adjective. Affectedly or extravagantly emotional: bathetic, maudlin, mawkish, romantic, sentimental, slushy, sobby, soft, soppy. Informal: gooey, mushy, schmaltzy, sloppy, soupy.

What does it mean to be bananas?

He’s bananas, he’s sexually perverted; a degenerate. This may be alluding to bent, the shape of a banana. Bent is 1914 US criminal slang meaning dishonest or crooked, and 1930 US slang meaning illegal or stolen.

What does gushing mean in text?

verb (used without object) to express oneself extravagantly or emotionally; talk effusively: She gushed with pride over her new grandchild.

How do you use gush in a sentence?

He decided that even if she sounded like a cat in heat, he would gush over her with praise. Why should it seem impossible to believe in this power of the relics, when water could be made to gush from a rock in the desert?

Is gushy a Scrabble word?

GUSHY is a valid scrabble word.

What does gushy mean slang?

marked by effusive sentimentality: marked by effusive sentimentality.

What does GUSY mean?

guys is used in Texting. The word gusy is used in Texting meaning guys.

What is an effusive person?

If you describe someone as effusive, you mean that they express pleasure, gratitude, or approval in a very enthusiastic way. He was effusive in his praise for the general. Synonyms: demonstrative, enthusiastic, lavish, extravagant More Synonyms of effusive.