Quick Answer: Which Goalkeeper Died Today?

What illness did Ray Clements have?

Former England, Liverpool and Tottenham goalkeeper Ray Clemence has died at the age of 72, the Football Association has announced.

He had been living with advanced prostate cancer since 2005..

How many caps does Peter Shilton have?

125 capsHe currently holds the record for playing more games for the England men’s team than anyone else, earning 125 caps, and holds the all-time record for the most competitive appearances in world football – 1,390.

What was Ray Clemence suffering from?

prostate cancerIt says much about the outstanding ability of Ray Clemence, who has died aged 72 after suffering from prostate cancer, that he was able to amass 61 caps for England during an era in which he was vying for his place against Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton, the two best England goalkeepers of all time.

Where was Ray Clemence born?

Skegness, United KingdomRay Clemence/Place of birth

Is Ray Clemence still alive?

Deceased (1948–2020)Ray Clemence/Living or Deceased

When did Ray Clements die?

November 15, 2020Ray Clemence/Date of deathHe was also chosen as goalkeeper in the BBC’s Merseyside team of the 20th century, and topped Total Football’s poll of the best ever goalkeeper, beating players of the calibre of Peter Shilton, Lev Yashin, Gordon Banks and Pat Jennings. Clemence died on 15 November 2020, after 15 years with prostate cancer. He was 72.

How old is Kevin Keegan?

69 years (February 14, 1951)Kevin Keegan/Age

What was Ray Clemence nickname?

The Flying PigNicknamed ‘The Flying Pig’ due to his athleticism despite his stocky build, Lawrence’s consistency ensured a young Clemence had to wait two and a half years before replacing him in the first team at Anfield.

Who did Ray Clements play for?

LiverpoolRay Clemence is without doubt the greatest goalkeeper ever to play for Liverpool. Not only that, he was arguably the finest stopper in Europe throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, a period in which Liverpool won five league titles and three European Cups.

Who played the most football games?

Peter ShiltonRankingRankNameAppearances1Peter Shilton1,3902Rogério Ceni1,2333Roberto Carlos1,1394Xavi1,135165 more rows

Did Ray Clemence live in Corby?

Personal life and death Clemence’s son, Stephen, was also a footballer. Clemence had prostate cancer, first making it known to the public in 2005. He died in Corby, Northamptonshire, on 15 November 2020.

Why did Clemence leave Liverpool Rumours?

Clemence’s decision to leave Liverpool shortly after winning a third European Cup in 1981 was something of a surprise. … “That was the most important thing in leaving Liverpool, I couldn’t just go to any club. I had to play somewhere where they were playing European football and had a chance of winning things.”

Is Ray Clemence ill?

Widely considered one of the greatest goalkeepers to have ever played football, England legend Ray Clemence was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005 and had played a big role in raising awareness of the impact the disease can have. He passed away peacefully on Sunday surrounded by his loving family.

What did Ray Clements die off?

prostate cancerFormer England, Liverpool and Tottenham goalkeeper Ray Clemence has died aged 72. Clemence, who won five league titles and three European Cups with Liverpool between 1967 and 1981, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2005.