Quick Answer: Why Doesn’T Nick Tell Tom That Daisy Killed Myrtle?

Why does Daisy kill Myrtle?

Myrtle was killed by Jay Gatsby’s car.

She thought that her lover, Tom, was driving the car.

Daisy happened to be driving Gatsby’s car at this point, and was so upset by earlier events that she was not able to correctly handle the vehicle.

Sadly, Daisy struck and killed Myrtle..

Why is Gatsby’s love for Daisy doomed?

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s love for Daisy is doomed because it is simply not possible to repeat the past. Life for Daisy has moved on, and she cannot return to the person she was before she married and became a mother.

Why does Tom cry when Myrtle dies?

Once Tom informs him that Gatsby was responsible for her death, George vows revenge and proceeds to murder Jay Gatsby. Similarly, Tom also becomes emotional after discovering that Myrtle is dead. Myrtle’s death also shatters Tom’s stable life, and he recognizes that he will be forced to adjust his lifestyle once again.

Why did Nick break up with Jordan?

Nick became involved with Jordan because of his relationship with Daisy and Tom. He broke the relationship off because he was sick of her immaturity and how she lied all of the time. He said she was on of the most dishonest and careless people he has ever known.

Does Daisy know Gatsby dies?

When he phones Daisy to tell her of Gatsby’s death, he learns she and Tom have left on a trip, leaving no itinerary. Nick, with increasing frustration, feels he must “get somebody” for Gatsby. In his mind, Gatsby did not deserve to be alone.

Does Daisy know Tom is cheating?

Daisy knows that he is cheating because Tom has done it before and it’s made obvious because she calls at dinner time and Tom leaves the table to go talk to her. “Daisy took her face in her hands… … Daisy has cheated on Tom with Gatsby and now Tom is aware of it.

Is Gatsby a bad guy?

I don’t even mean to say that Gatsby is a bad character—he is well written, interesting, and even sympathetic. He’s just not a romantic hero. He’s a Great man but not a good man. He’s not in love with Daisy, he’s in love with the idea of her, the idea of money, and the distant green glow of his own idealized past.

Does Nick tell Tom that Daisy killed Myrtle?

Back at Daisy and Tom’s home, Gatsby tells Nick that Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle but he will take the blame.

Why does Gatsby admit to Nick that Daisy was driving the car when Myrtle was killed?

As Nick is walking away, he sees Gatsby lurking in the bushes. Nick suddenly sees him as a criminal. As they discuss what happened, Nick realizes that it was actually Daisy who was driving the car, meaning that it was Daisy who killed Myrtle. … Gatsby says that he will take the blame for driving the car.

Did Daisy actually love Gatsby?

Daisy was important to Gatsby because Daisy made Gatsby feel loved. Though no matter what Gatsby did to win Daisy’s affection, she married Tom and remained married to him despite Gatsby’s pursuit of her.

Who is most responsible for Gatsby’s death?

Tom BuchananIn The Great Gatsby, Daisy and Tom Buchanan are most responsible for Gatsby’s death. The true villain of the narrative, Tom employs Daisy’s idea of relieving their boredom by going to town and insidiously urges Gatsby to take Daisy in his coupe, allowing Gatsby to be seen with her.

How does Wilson Tom Nick and Gatsby react to Myrtle’s death?

How do Wilson, Tom, Nick, & Gatsby react to Myrtle’s death? Wilson feels guilty, as if he was the one having an affair. Tom’s first instinct is to protect himself by telling wilson that the yellow car isn’t his. Nick feels sick & wants to be let alone.

Why did Gatsby die in a pool?

Water has been a transformative medium throughout Gatsby’s life and some people believe his death within the pool symbolizes a sort of baptism, cleansing Gatsby’s soul and the renewal of his life after death.

What is ironic about Myrtle saying?

What is ironic about Myrtle saying ” you can’t live forever?” She’s trying to justify her affair with Tom. … He still loves Daisy and loves her even though he has affair with Myrtle.

Who was driving the death car that hit Myrtle?

Gatsby reveals that Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle, but says that he intends to take the blame. It seems that Myrtle mistakenly thought Tom was at the wheel of the yellow car. Nick returns to the house and finds Tom and Daisy sharing ‘an unmistakable air of natural intimacy’ (p. 138).

How is it ironic that Daisy killed Myrtle?

The fact that Daisy is the one who was driving when Myrtle is killed is not only an instance of dramatic irony, but also of situational irony, in that Daisy unwittingly kills her husband’s mistress. … Thus it is an outrageous coincidence that she unintentionally kills the very woman with whom her husband is philandering.

Did Jay Gatsby kill anyone?

Yes, he killed many. There is an irony in Gatsby’s story, since his bravado, willingness to risk his life and to take many others is rewarded.

Why is Gatsby’s death ironic?

Gatsby’s death was ironic because he didn’t kill Myrtle and because it was the first time in the whole summer he ever swam in his pool. … Wilson that Gatsby’s car was the one that killed his wife.

Why does Gatsby choose not to drink?

Another possible reason for Gatsby’s not wishing to drink too much is that since liquor is known for loosening the tongue, Jay Gatsby may worry that his fabrications about himself may inadvertently come out. For, even when he makes conscious efforts in his tales about himself, he sometimes slips and tells the truth.

Did Tom know Daisy was driving the death car?

No, Tom didn’t know who was driving the “death car.” Because the yellow car belonged to Gatsby, he assumed Gatsby was the driver. … Earlier that afternoon, Gatsby and Tom had a confrontation regarding Daisy’s future and with whom she would be spending it. “You don’t understand,” said Gatsby, with a touch of panic.

Why does Daisy cry over Gatsby’s shirts?

Upon seeing the shirts, Daisy cries and explains, “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such—such beautiful shirts before.” One reason for Daisy’s reaction could be that she only cares about material goods, and so something like fine clothing can make her feel affection for Gatsby.